About the brand...

FDZ Clothing is a limited edition clothing brand that features the artwork of GLRY & other artists on certain prints.

All of our clothing is printed in a limited quantity & sold exclusively through our online storefront. Once a design sells out, it isn't ever reprinted again. There is a rare chance for certain popular designs to be reprinted, but on different apparel and with different color schemes.

The goal of FDZ Clothing is to create memorable experiences & tight-knit relationships with our customers. We want all of our customers to feel excited when an FDZ package arrives in the mail, like they're receiving a gift that they can't wait to unwrap, which is why we always throw in something special. ^____^

FDZ Clothing was founded in 2009.. and after much planning, the official launch of the brand was in Fall of 2010.

The 'FDZ' tag (pronounced 'fades') was established in early 2005 by GLRY & friends, as a collective for creative minds and entertainers who are close to the brand. 
Most of the members are heavily involved in the musical / visual arts, & are always looking for new ways to fuse them together.

We don't sell to chain-stores, all of our apparel is sold exclusively through our online shop.